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During the last couple of years, Sinergia Animal has worked with several food and hospitality companies to make the commitment to stop using or commercializing eggs from the cage system to build a more animal-friendly industry and reduce the suffering of thousands of animals. 

The following report compiles the efforts and progress of food and hotel companies in Latin America that have committed to stop using eggs that come from the cage system. 


We are pleased to say that this year we had the participation of 32 companies, an increase of 23% compared to the 26 companies that shared their progress last year. This tells us that a societal commitment to animal welfare has been established and is a market trend that is here to stay.

New Corporate Commitments

Between January 2021 and August 2022, Sinergia Animal, together with other animal protection NGOs in the region, managed to securetwenty-four cage-free commitments in Latin America: nine in Colombia (Productos La Locura, Cencosud, Hotel Vilar América, Wok, La Lonchera, Crepes & Waffles, Harinera del Valle, Le Pain Quotidien, OFC ), six in Chile (Buffalo Waffles, Cencosud, Fork, Tquila, Le Vice Chocolat, Papa John’s), six in Argentina (La Mantequería, Brioche Dorée, Pampa Gourmet, CARNE, Almacén de Pizzas y Cachafaz), one in Peru (the Acurio Restaurants group), one in Uruguay (El Trigal), and one in Ecuador (Crepes & Waffles).

These were in addition to nine global commitments reached in joint campaigns with Open Wing Alliance, de Groupe Le Duff, Minor Hotels, Focus Brands, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Brands, Bloomin’ Brands, Restaurant Brands International, Yum! Brands, and Food Delivery Brands.


Sinergia Animal’s Expansion

After establishing ourselves in 2017 and consolidating our work in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia, Sinergia Animal decided to expand its corporate relations efforts to other countries. We obtained the first positive results in Peru, Ecuador, and Uruguay in 2022.


Participation level


companies with policies in Latin America

36 (40%)

of the companies contacted responded to our communications


 in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and/or Ecuador, and Uruguay.

32 (35.5%)

of the companies contacted reported their progress



Level of Participation Per Country

Commitments in Argentina: 15

  • 8 reported (53.3%): Grupo Jaka (Green Eat, Tea Connection), Café Martinez, Harper Juice Bar, Le Pain Quotidien Argentina, CARNE, Pampagourmet, Brioche Dorée, Cachafaz.

  • 1 didn’t report (6.66%):  Carrefour Argentina

  • 6 didn’t respond (40%): Havanna, Freddo, Tostado Café Club, Almacén de Pizzas, La Mantequería.

Commitments in Chile: 13

  • 3 reported (23%): Hotel Explora, Clementina, Fork.

  • 1 didn’t report (7.6%): Hotel Altiplánico

  • 10 didn’t respond (69%): Lo Saldes, Unifood, G&N Brands, Carl’s Jr. Chile, Buffalo Waffles, Tquila, Dominó, Le Vice Chocolat, Cencosud Chile.

Commitments in Colombia: 25

  • 10 reported (40%): Alimentos Colomer, Crepes and Waffles, Sandwich Qbano, Juan Valdéz, Vapiano Colombia, Takami, Le Pain Quotidien Colombia, La Lonchera, Jeno’s Pizza, Bimbo Colombia.

  • 1 didn’t report (4%): Levapan

  • 14 didn’t respond (56%) :  Carnival Corporation, Pan pa ya, Servihoteles, Oma-Presto, Hoteles Estelar, Colombina, Mikaela, International Meal Company, Grupo IGA, OFC, Productos La Locura, Hotel Vilar América, Harinera del Valle, Wok.

Commitments in Peru: 1

  • 1 reported (100%): Acurio Restaurantes.

Commitments in Uruguay: 1

  • 1 reported (100%): El Trigal